Xenophobe's Guide to the Spanish - Drew Launay

Xenophobe's Guide to the Spanish

By Drew Launay

  • Release Date: 2009-12-01
  • Genre: Humor


A guide to understanding the Spanish that views them with the same light-hearted attitude that they themselves display in life.

Extracts from the book
Fun in the sun: Anyone attempting to understand the Spanish must first of all recognize the fact that they do not consider anything important except total enjoyment. If it is not enjoyable it will be ignored.
You can't buy happiness: The happiness of the individual is considered to be much more important than money. The goatherd who strolls the countryside with his animals breathing in the fresh air and loving his problem-less life is much more admired than the wealthy industrialist who hasn't time to enjoy life and spends quite a lot of his earnings on medicines to calm his peptic ulcers.
Sexplicit: In Spain lust is ever in the air. There is nothing about the Spanish appreciation of sex that is inhibited or restrained. It is accepted that both men and women love making love, which is why there are very few sexual crimes in the country.