Playing For Keeps - R.L. Mathewson

Playing For Keeps

By R.L. Mathewson

  • Release Date: 2011-04-29
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 6,516 Ratings


Done with being the world's biggest pushover, Haley decides that things are going to start changing. The first thing that she was going to do was to put a stop to all the crap that her aggravating neighbor put her through. What she hadn't expected was to be sucked into his world, but Haley has a game plan and she won't let herself forget what the bad boy next door is capable of.

The last thing that Jason expected was for his shy little neighbor to go Rambo on him over some ruined flowers, but he quickly got over it once he realized exactly what he'd been missing. After he decides to take her under his wing, he can't help but notice how nicely she fits in his life. Now the only thing left to do was to convince her that this is anything but a game.


  • Playing for keeps

    By Mag68
    By R.L Mathewson I laughed so hard I cried! I feel as if someone wrote this with my family in mind! Omg you must read this hysterical book! Bookbub
  • Great Book!

    By symieegirl
    I’ve never taken the time to write a review on here so of course that means I loved it! Read the whole thing in one sitting and had many laughs. Didn’t particularly care for the time jumps at the end but overall this was a fantastic book!
  • Guy thing

    By Great super duper book!!!
    Jason kept trying to tell haley how she felt! Jason literally robbed haley of her virginity to make himself feel good, all for pride. Jason wasn’t apologetic that he took her innocence, “since it was bound to happen since he was her boyfriend!” Jason didn’t know when to stop, he gage up haley so fast. When jason finally accepted they broke up, he just kept hurting haley. Haley does deserve better. Haley was dumb to believe those catty girls were her friends. Haley attracts trash, trashy family, friends and trashy boyfriend jason. Jason was obnoxiously obsessed with food, never worked out. I wouldn’t be surprised if jason, his dad and his kids were diabetic in real life because of all the sugar!
  • Great

    By blinville1971
    Great book from beginning to end. Full of laughter & love!!
  • Love!!!

    By O-Nelly
    My second time reading it! I love it 💞
  • Playing for keeps-A neighbor from hell

    By Carolk1124
    I loved this book. The clever banter & interaction between the characters will make you laugh. I fell that the differences in the makeup of Haley & Jason's families shaped the connection between these 2 people. I think the baking element was a hoot! You will enjoy this story.
  • Good-with a few annoyances

    By JKAT0913
    Overall I enjoyed this book. I liked the little pranks they played on each other and their friendship was believable. But a few things got annoying to me. One was how protective Jason was. The stuff with him and Mitch got to be too much. Another was that the dialogue seemed immature. If it was every once in a while I'd just play it up to a playful mood, but it was all the time. These characters are supposed to be older than I am and I was rolling my eyes at some of the childish conversations. Also, the Little Grasshopper nickname was used too much. For the most part I could easily overlook these issues and enjoy the book, but there were times near the end where I wanted to slap Jason and Haley. One would be mad at the other and then vice versa and then they'd give up while the other one fights and then vice versa again. It got annoying because if they just talked it over they'd realize they were on the same page. But overall I liked their relationship enough that the story was enjoyable.
  • Why

    There is no story of marry and mich
  • Amazing

    By Zach sent me💘
    I couldn't stop reading.
  • OMG

    By Audi11732
    That book was funny as hell I could not put the books down, my husband kicked me out the bed last night lol