Caged - Brook Wilder


By Brook Wilder

  • Release Date: 2018-09-17
  • Genre: Contemporary


I’m caged by a monster, and he makes me want more.
Roarke Withers is everything I hate.
When I was given the chance to take him down, I took it without second thought.
I didn’t think he’d see through it all so quick. 

Now he’s flipped the table on me—put me at his mercy.
I’d hate it if I didn’t love it just as much. 
But I need to keep my guard up. 
I can’t let his rock-hard body--covered in ink--distract me.
I can’t afford to let him close—no matter how much I want him to.

Because I know that once either of us get a real taste of each other. 
Once we give in to our darkest desires. 
There would be no turning back.

Not until he leaves me gasping and begging. 
Not because I want him to stop.
But because I want him to do more.  

Book 2 of the DESERT HUSSARS MC trilogy