Broken Hounds MC - Complete Edition - Brook Wilder

Broken Hounds MC - Complete Edition

By Brook Wilder

  • Release Date: 2018-12-12
  • Genre: Short Stories


Read the entire Broken Hounds MC trilogy as a single, easy-to-read book. Ebundle includes: RENEGADE, REVENGE, REDEMPTION

Turn up the heat with the Broken Hounds MC trilogy by bestselling author Brook Wilder: a fast-paced and searing hot second chance romance between a bad boy biker, his friend's little sister, and a pregnancy that neither of them was prepared for.

Last time I saw her, she was my friend’s little sister. But now she’s something entirely different.
Off limits. Forbidden. A wild spitfire.

I can’t get her out of my mind.
Not until I taste her on my tongue.
Hear her breathe my name.

Getting her into my bed was the easy part.
Getting her pregnant was just the start.

Neither of us could have prepared for what came next.

I came back here for unfinished business, instead, I knocked up my friend’s little sister.
When our rivals got wind of Maddie’s pregnancy, they set out to use her to get to me.

If they think they can lay a finger on Maddie or my baby...
They have no idea what I’ll do to them.

But the problem is, she wants nothing to do with me.
She thinks that I have no right to my own child.

Before this ride is over, I’ll show her how wrong she is.
I’ll have her pretty mouth screaming the truth.

That she is mine. That they’re all mine.
Her body, her heart, and our baby.

The pregnancy brought complications that neither of us expected.
Now, our enemies are circling us like sharks.

They’re forcing me to make a choice:
Maddie or the club.

If I pick one, I’ll lose the other.
But I didn’t come this far to lose it all.

I’m taking Maddie home.
I’m keeping her safe in my arms.

And before it’s all over, I’ll have her begging me for more.
And I won’t stop until her full lips and trembling body are mine.