Royal Tease - Nana Malone

Royal Tease

By Nana Malone

  • Release Date: 2018-11-13
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 70 Ratings


USA Today bestselling author Nana Malone introduces Royal Tease, a royal enemies to lovers romance!


The plan was simple, go undercover, protect my best friend’s little sister. It should have been the easiest assignment of my life. 

But Jessa isn’t your usual princess. She’s feisty, and sexy, and stubborn, and gorgeous. Did I mention she hates me? From the moment I carried her over my shoulder out of a bar fight, I’ve been persona non grata. 

But the stakes are too high to mess this up. The monarchy is at risk. 


I can’t stand Roone Ashcroft. 

There I said it. Shoot me. 

We go together like lightning and water. His annoying, steady obstinance is going to cost me my job. A job I have worked very hard to keep. No one is messing this up for me. I’ve had enough crazy in my life. 

But even if I wanted him - which I don’t, but if I did - I can’t ever have him. My life is not my own. I’ve known that since birth.

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What Readers Are Saying about Royal Tease

"5-star writing! Sit tight and have your tiaras ready. It's about to get royally messy." - Beyond the Covers Blog

"OMG! This book had me laughing, crying and swooning the whole time!" - Tasha, Goodreads Reviewer

"Jessa and Roone! Talk about chemistry! They are combustible!!" - Sue, Goodreads Reviewer

"This story is incredible with suspense, mayhem, love, adventure, lies and half truths, and secrets." - Linda, Goodreads Reviewer

"GREAT writing. Awesome plot. Highly recommend. It's fabulous!" - Ashley, Goodreads Reviewer

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"I'm so ridiculously charmed and addicted I don't know what to do with myself! Next book please! -#1 NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken

"Nana Malone delivers royal-worthy chemistry in a snappy, page-turning package. Penny and Prince Sebastian are everything! Give us the next book now!" --Max Monroe, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

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    By @AlfordShay
    I’m so glad Roone got his own story!! He’s sacrificed so much in his position as Royal Guard! He’s just trying to do his job for his King, but when he meets the woman he’s sworn to protect, he second guesses himself. Jessa is the long lost princess that doesn’t take crap from anyone. When she meets Roone, who has sworn to protect her she doubts everything she’s ever believed in! She’s fierce, strong willed, and protective of the few she trusts and loves dearly! Life will never be the same as she knew it! Can’t wait to read the next in the series, I mean WOW!! What an ending to have you yearning for MORE!!
  • Review: Royals United 1: Royal Tease

    By @LisaHines711
    Royal Tease by Nana Malone is the first book in a new duet titled Royals United . This series is connected to other Royal series by this author but can completely be read as a standalone duet. Told in dual POV between Roone, the bodyguard undercover to protect a princess that doesn't know her true heritage, and Jessa, the lost princess who is battling her own demons and is determined to keep everyone, especially Roone, at a distance. With some hilarious interactions between the stubborn Roone and sassy Jessa, and also between Roone's undercover partner in charge of the mission Ariel, this book has sass, sex, steam, and drama making it a wonderful story and I'm eager for the conclusion in Teasing The Princess. Enjoy!
  • Jessa and Roone

    By Trenease
    This was a great start to the story. Roone and Jessa are both struggling with conflicting emotions of playing by the rules and wanting more than what they thought they could get out of life. I love their dynamic but can you say STUBBORN! Great read. Can’t wait for the conclusion.
  • The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

    Total 4.5 star read!! I absolutely adore this series about the Royal family of the Winston Isles. Royal Tease focuses on Roone and Jessa. Although I am sure you can read this one as a stand alone, I highly implore you to read the series from the beginning, starting with Royals Uncover. I promise you, you will not be sorry. This story did not start out as action packed as some of the other ones in the series, but, boy oh boy, does Nana Malone make up for it at the end!! HOLY SMOKES!! She really knows how to keep her readers coming back for more!! Roone, who is a Royal Guard and the best friend of the King and Prince, is about as straight-laced and by the book as they come, so would expect Roone to fall off track, but that is exactly what happens once he sets sights on Jessa. Roone has been tasked with duty to protect her from known and unknown enemies alike despite the fact that poor Jessa has no idea about who she really is. However, Jessa is a strong, fiercely independent woman, who also happens to be very leery about things, so she is not falling for just anything. Yet, these two are seriously attracted to each other. So, we are left with Roone and Jessa facing a huge dilemma. I seriously cannot wait for the conclusion to Roone and Jessa's story in Teasing the Princess.
  • Off the charts

    By nhelmo
    Just when you thought this series could not get any better. Malone Squared hits you right between the eyes with this one. This book will have you laughing, crying, horny and breathlessly awaiting the next book in this series. They definitely do good cliffhangers. This series takes a deep look at Roone who is sent to protect Jessa, the lost princess of Winston Isles. We all know how it is supposed to go, but does it ever go that way. Roone is straight-laced and by the book type of guy. Jessa is no none sense, focusing on staying put and making a life for herself. I can’t even begin to try to figure out how Jessa’s story will end but the ride to get there will definitely be thrilling. These authors captivate readers separately. United they are off the charts.
  • Royal Tease

    By Travelling Bookworm
    Roone, the protector. He is best friends with and security for King Sebastian and Prince Lucas. They have a sister, Jessa - she doesn't know who she really is, and Roone (along with Ariel) have been sent to London to protect her from a danger that they aren't sure of. Roone goes in undercover to work along-side Jessa and they have this wild chemistry between them. He is very overprotective and she feels she doesn't need protecting, that she is a strong woman and can take care of herself. After several incidents, she realizes that she is falling for Roone and they begin a relationship. She had a paranoid father who always made her feel that his delusions were keeping them on the run. Just as they would settle in one place, he would pick them up in the middle of the night and move them. As she became an adult, she had to have her father committed and he later died there. She always felt guilty about putting him in a home. After she collects her father's personal belongings, she sees these sketches of men with tattoos of daggers and starts to wonder who they are. After meeting with an old family friend, he tells her that her mother had left her dad for a short while and during that time had a relationship with another man. Her father and mother reunited but at the time, her mother was pregnant. Her father never told her that he was not her biological father and that her real father was King Cassius from the Winston Isles. She then finds out from this friend that the people in the sketches are from the Royal Family. She begins to feel her father was not as 'ill' as she thought. She runs home to grab a bag to run yet again when Roone shows up to tell her the truth about who she is but it is too late because she already knows. She trusts no one and as she is about to leave, she raises a gun towards Roone. And shoots. ... And now we have to wait for the rest of their story. I can't wait for the next book in this series. Nana Malone is an excellent writer. This is not the first book I have read of hers and it certainly won't be the last. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.
  • Finally, Roone gets his story!

    By Mrsttho
    OMG! This book had me laughing, crying and swooning the whole time! Roone finally gets his book, and boy is it a doozy. He never knew that falling, and falling real hard, would be so complicated. Jessa on the other hand faught it tooth and nail. She wanted no part of Roone. Then things changed and she couldn’t get enough of him. The funniest parts of this book, to me, were when Roone talked to....... his friend, and his friend spoke back. Had me laughing so hard, that my family thought I was watching tv. There was a suspenseful part of this story and the pieces were slowly falling into place. However, we don’t get to see how it’ll plays out until the next book. Hopefully Nana won’t make us wait to long! It’s just that good
  • ❤️ Roone & Jessa ❤️

    By Izzibear
    I loved Royal Tease. It’s funny, sweet and suspenseful. The chemistry between Roone and Jessa is wonderful. I loved their banter. You could feel the attraction and adoration between the two coming of the pages. Their story has some great twists that keep the reader on the edge of their seat trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. I can’t wait for the next book.
  • Royal Tease. Review by Christine Jalili

    By Bshksuhwb
    Wow! What a great book. It’s sweet, sexy and suspenseful. Loved Roone and how hard he fights against hitting on Jessa. Loved when she realizes he doesn’t call her by name, just as Princess. She’s in for a shock at the end. What an ending, it left me on edge and can’t wait to get the next book. I highly recommend this book.
  • Royal Tease Leads to Shenanigans!

    By JustNicole19
    Hot & Sexy Bodyguard…check. Sassy, professional woman with a side of princess…Double Check. Slow Burn…Enemies-to-Lovers romance…triple check. Royal Tease has it all! Roone and Jessa and a whole lot of shenanigans.