Oswald in New Orleans - Harold Weisberg

Oswald in New Orleans

By Harold Weisberg

  • Release Date: 2013-09-01
  • Genre: United States


“The dean of assassination researchers” explores Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities in the months leading up to the murder of JFK (Los Angeles Times).
Harold Weisberg was foremost among the trailblazers who saw the inadequacy of the Warren Report’s solution to the crime of the century. He tirelessly petitioned the government and used the courts to force release of withheld documents, and wrote dozens of books and manuscripts on the subject. Oswald in New Orleans focuses on the strange summer of 1963 during which Lee Harvey Oswald was in the Big Easy, where his apparent “lone nut” pro-Castro activities have puzzled researchers for many years. Taken in the context of Weisberg’s numerous books on the subject, this in-depth account of Oswald’s time in New Orleans brings clarity to the events that would follow.
This book discusses the many odd stories and colorful personalities of the Oswald–New Orleans scene including: Dean Andrews, David Ferrie, Sylvia Odio, Orest Pena, Carlos Bringuier, Loran Hall, and others. Published in the early days of the ill-fated Garrison investigation, Oswald in New Orleans remains an important analysis of those stories and persons that is no less the startling and shocking narrative today than it was when first released. The painstakingly thorough investigative research and analysis that Weisberg has conducted makes his work essential to understanding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.