Hitler's Commando - Otto Skorzeny

Hitler's Commando

By Otto Skorzeny

  • Release Date: 2016-09-27
  • Genre: Military


He was one of the smartest, toughest, most courageous soldiers to fight in World War II. A hero to all who knew him. And he was a Nazi . . .
Otto Skorzeny was Germany’s top commando in the Second World War—and one of the most famous men in the history of special forces. His extraordinary wartime career was one of high risk and adventure that few will ever equal.
When Mussolini was imprisoned in Italy in 1943, it was Skorzeny who successfully led the daring glider rescue, winning the Knight’s Cross and receiving a promotion as a result. He took a critical role in the Ardennes offensive with a controversial plan to raise a brigade disguised as Americans with captured Sherman tanks. And when his captured countrymen spread a false rumor that he was planning to assassinate Eisenhower, the Allied leader was confined to his headquarters under guard for protection. Dubbed “the most dangerous man in Europe” by the Allies, he was awarded the German Cross in Gold.
Here, Skorzeny tells the full story of his exploits in this gripping autobiography of “a brave and resourceful man who served an evil cause” (New York Journal of Books).