Unbearable Cage - Book Three - Aya Morningstar

Unbearable Cage - Book Three

By Aya Morningstar

  • Release Date: 2018-07-02
  • Genre: Paranormal


Ren has no future…

Curvy Ren Vogelsang is best friends with ex-MMA fighter Cage Castor’s sister. She hates her job, and she hates Cage for running away, but when he rescues Ren from a mugger, she starts to wonder if the sexy shifter isn't all bad.

Cage is on the run from his past…

Cage Castor’s sister is in a wheelchair--all because he refused to throw a fight. But now his archrival Malachai Metzer is back, and so is Cage. He doesn't know if he can resist getting close to Ren, but her curves are calling out to him, and his inner bear is hungry for a mate.

They’ll have to fight to be together…

Malachai Metzer is out for blood, and he pulls Cage back into the ring. To keep his loved ones safe, Cage must claw his way through his opponents. Can Cage defeat his archrival while earning Ren’s forgiveness?

This is the third book in The Grizzly Next Door Series by Aya Morningstar.