Meal Prep - Brian Dorick

Meal Prep

By Brian Dorick

  • Release Date: 2018-05-21
  • Genre: Special Diet


This book is a guide for the kitchen rookie to get them on their way to meal prep success. Not a typical recipe cookbook but a "how to" template filled with healthy cooking methods, meal prep ideas and how to build confidence cooking in your kitchen.

About the Author

Brian is a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef whose philosophy on food and cooking is to “keep it simple”. Good cooks don’t have to make fancy-looking food but instead, should surround themselves with quality ingredients to build layers of flavor. 

Over the last 25+ years cooking in restaurants, hotels, and corporate dining establishments throughout New Jersey and New York City, Brian has developed an appreciation for teaching others, just as he admires those whom he shadowed in his journey starting as a young culinary professional.
Now, Brian has taken a more significant role in teaching others how to combine cooking with nutrition and fitness through the practice of Meal Prep. 

Dorick’s goal with this book is to give the home cook a manual to learn basic cooking techniques while sharing essential tools and tips needed to become a Meal Prep Pro!

Brian now offers Meal Prep workshops, cooking lessons and parties through his website at