HOT SEAL Target - Lynn Raye Harris


By Lynn Raye Harris

  • Release Date: 2018-08-07
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 52 Ratings


Navy SEAL Adam “Blade” Garrison’s assignment to infiltrate a tech billionaire’s criminal operations just got complicated. His cover: bodyguard for the man’s wife. His problem: Blade knows Quinn Halliday far too well. A sophisticated version of the chubby, shy girl Blade once knew, Quinn brings out all his protective instincts—as well as a few carnal ones that surprise him. 

Quinn’s pride in having improved herself has turned bitter. She’s trapped in a relationship with a brutal man who views her as nothing more than a possession. Blade’s unexpected arrival makes her hope for more than a barren existence in a gilded prison. Until tragedy strikes, and Quinn realizes she’s next on the hit list.

Blade will do anything to shield Quinn from danger and keep her safe. But as they draw closer, an enemy works to flush them out. If he succeeds, he’ll put an end to Blade and Quinn’s budding happiness.

Unless Blade and his SEAL Team strike first…

**Stand Alone, No Cliffhangers, No Cheating, Happily Ever After Guaranteed!**

Book 1: HOT SEAL (Dane & Ivy) 
Book 2: HOT SEAL Lover (Remy & Christina)
Book 3: HOT SEAL Rescue (Cody & Miranda)
Book 4: HOT SEAL Bride (Cash & Ella)
Book 5: HOT SEAL Redemption (Alex & Bailey)
Book 6: HOT SEAL Target ~ Coming soon!


  • This may be my favorite book in the HOT SEAL series!!!

    By Lovingangel1231
    This latest installment in the HOT SEAL saga had me up all night! Literally I downloaded it and said I’ll just read a few pages before I go to sleep...and then my alarm went off! I couldn’t put it down!!! I think Blade may be my favorite SEAL to date! So happy he finally found his HEA...and proved the old adage that you don’t know what you have till it’s gone...While we may not be able to relate to the suspense and intrigue in this story, most of us can relate to unrequited love, being friendzoned, and the one who got away...but fortunately Ms Harris believes in second chances!
  • High octane

    By GreyGirl50
    The newest HOT story is an action-packed, high energy five star adventure! Blade is a super sexy, tattooed Navy SEAL posing as a bodyguard when he’s reunited with his shy high school friend Quinn who has transformed herself into a curvaceous and sophisticated woman. And while it seems that Quinn has everything money can buy, she’s miserable being married to a possessive and abusive man and Blade has no intention of leaving her behind. Before he gets the evidence he needs, Blade’s mission goes sideways and he and Quinn are forced to run from sinister forces that would see them dead. As with all HOT SEAL adventures, there’s plenty of danger and all that adrenaline leads to steamy sexual shenanigans that can only be described as hot, hot, HOT! With Blade’s SEAL teammates and Ian Black’s mercenaries along for much needed back-up, Quinn and Blade’s high octane love affair is absolutely explosive. You’re going to love this book! I read an early copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
  • Sexy and Suspenseful

    By A loves books
    HOT Seal Target is another great sexy, suspenseful romance story by Lynn Raye Harris. I love a good second chance romance, and this one is HOT! Blade protects his woman in grand style. There are many twists and turns, and I could not put it down!! A bonus to this book is that you get to see a lot of the mysterious Ian Black. He is large, in charge, and funny! I can’t wait for the next book.
  • Love, love, love this book

    By charlligirl
    Love, love, love this story. It has a great blend of espionage, treason, murder, mayhem, kidnapping, and love. This book reminded me alot of why I fell in love with Ms Harris's books. It took me back to her original story about Matt and Evie. There were a lot of similarities, yet the story was it's own. I love how she is able to blend Blade and Quinn's youthful history with current times and circumstances. They didn't try to brush it under the carpet but they talked about it. This book brought out Ian Black and his "bandits". It put him in the middle of the events and showcased how much power he has. It will be interesting to see how much more of him and his escapades will be intertwined in future books. A definite must read!!!!!
  • HOT!

    By Kittythief
    HOT! Lynn Raye Harris delivers yet another scorching action packed story of love. Adam “Blade” Garrison is assigned by Ian Black to guard Quinn Halliday, a girl from his past. Sparks fly as he has to keep her safe, from more than just the enemy. This was an awesomely HOT story, and I loved every bit of it.
  • Can’t Get Enough of These HOT SEALs!!

    By ShellyReyn
    "I've spent so much of my life doing my own thing that I didn't think anything was missing. I was wrong." "I've always known something was missing. I didn't know it was you." Oh, these men of HOT!!! What's not to love about their towering height, their rippling muscles, their protective natures, and their alpha ways? Not to mention those cool nickmames! I love this series! Adam "Blade" Garrison will do anything to protect his country. Even if it means working with Ian Black. With National security on the line, he needs to find out if the man with whom the goverment has struck a military contract, has devious designs on obtaining US secrets. One way to do that, is to be hired as the bodyguard to the mogul's wife, Quinn. She's no longer the chubby girl he knew in high school - the one he defended and protected against the bullies. The one who became his best friend before he ghosted her. She's changed. She's sexy as hell, strong, and he can't deny the attraction. But, now she 's in grave danger from both her husband, and those determined to make him pay, if not in cash, then in blood. Can he get her out in time? Or, has time run out for both of them? Quinn Evans Halliday was a fool. She believed the man she loved was everything she could ever want. He was handsome, wealthy, and he treated her like a princess. That all changed once they were married. Now she was nothing more than a prisoner, one with round the clock security. But, she's not going to mind being guarded by the new guard her husband hired. Adam Garrison. He's even more handsome than she remembered. Bigger and stronger too. Could he be the key to her escape from this hell? When both their lives are in danger, will they make it out alive, or is this the end of any chance at happiness? This is such a great series. Each book has a great story line, wonderful characters, suspense, drama, a little humor, and lots of romance and steam. I love Ian Black and his one-liners - so great! And the HOT SEALs are the men of which fantasies are made. I know the chances of me meeting a six-foot-three, ripped, SEAL, one who comes to my rescue no less, is pretty slim. But this series gives me just a glimmer of hope. Hey, you never know, right?