Badger - Dale Mayer


By Dale Mayer

  • Release Date: 2018-05-08
  • Genre: Military
Score: 4.5
From 89 Ratings


When Badger Horley, a SEAL, and the rest of his eight-man unit hit an antitank landmine on a routine reconnaissance mission, all were badly injured, but one of his men died. Having only joined a year before, he’d been the youngest member of the squad. Mouse left behind unanswered questions about his life…along with seven team members who aim to see that his tragic death is brought home to those responsible.

Badger’s path back to health is a long and difficult one, but revenge drives him out of bed every single day of his life. Someone modified orders the morning of the incident, sending his unit straight over that landmine. At the time the altered route had been given to him, he’d been curious but not unduly concerned. What happened to his squad has brought unwavering clarity: Those last-minute changes and the explosion that shattered his team were deliberate–and he means to catch the perpetrator if it’s the last thing he ever does.

Kat Greenwald watches the man she’s falling in love with fester a little more each time they’re together. Refusing to give himself time to heal, not surprisingly he hasn’t taken to his prosthetic well. As a prosthetic designer, she’s dealt with men and women in endless physical and emotional states. Badger is different. He’s driven, determined and deadly, but she can’t help her feelings despite the negatives. She’s hooked on a man whose sole concern seems to be in getting retribution for the incident that left his team in shards…while all she wants is a future happily-ever-after with him. Kat has a long road ahead of her to convince Badger a life filled with love is always preferable to answers that can only be gained at the risk of dying to get them.

Author note: For your reading pleasure, this series must be read in order.

SEALs of Steel Reading Order:

1.) Badger

2.) Erick

3.) Cade

4.) Talon

5.) Laszlo

6.) Geir

7.) Jager


  • Cliffhanger

    By 1Alannah
    Dale Mayer always gives us readers good books to read. Badger is no exception. Drama, romance, and suspense. This book highlighted how war had left soldiers injured less we forget. Seals of Steel series proves to be a must read series.
  • Seals of steel 01-Badger

    By IPMPH
    Love the characters and the suspense can’t wait to read about Eric. I would recommend this Author as first rate in this series.
  • Excellent story

    Really enjoyed this. Couldn’t put it down. Loved all the characters. Great read.
  • Badger

    By downner
    Fast paced mystery. Just what I love to read!!
  • Badger

    By Roses and lilies
    I LOVE reading book about our Hero’s. I guess because I married one. A course NOW I’m hooked and want to SEE all the alpha males find the TRADER and THIER partner for life.
  • A thrilling start to an intriguing series

    By 777sails
    I received a complimentary copy of this book and loved it so much that I purchased a copy. I have loved all of Ms. Mayer's books and this is no exception. Reading about the explosion that is setting up the main plot for the entire series as well as the sub-plot of Badger's and Kat's story, kept me glued to my e-reader. I so thoroughly enjoyed meeting these two and the few other SEALs that appeared in the book. I look forward to each book and reading their stories and uncovering the who and why of the main plot of the series. If you love military heroes and meeting their strong counterparts, then you will want to grab this book up. I can't wait to read more of this intriguing series.
  • badger

    By Mygram#1
    Loved your book., But I would like to know how the doctor lost her leg. Unless I missed it I spent the whole book trying to find out. Anyway it was a good read, as always. Keep 'em coming.
  • Great start of a new series!

    By Arcix
    With Badger, Dale Mayer starts a brand new series while meeting, and exceeding, her reader’s expectations. Badger is another book about Navy Seals. However, the story is fresh and original. The book is a tribute to war veterans. Instead of drawing on the traditional stereotype of the wounded and damaged individual, the story presents them as strong, powerful heroes. Men that have found the strength to overcome their severe injuries and go back to being fully active and even better professionals. Men like them need to find very peculiar personalities as their counterpart. Kat, the heroine of the story, is a very good example. Exceptionally skilled, and obviously very smart, she has a fascinating personality. She is strong, self confident and bright. She is also generous and dedicated. Her witty exchanges with Badger are a pleasure to read. Badger is an action packed book, with a rich plot and plenty of twists and turns. It is also a highly emotional, captivating story Badger and his friends are an amazing new group of characters, and I can’t wait to read more about their adventures in the next books of this series. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Opinions and comments are solely my own.
  • Great expansion of Heroes for Hire/SEALs of Honor series’

    By D. Mama
    Badger - Dale Mayer I kindly received this book as an ARC & am happily posting a review for the same. Ok, wow, this is a first book in a break series from another of Ms. Dales series (if you’ve not read them you may not understand the references to Levi & Ice or Mason & Tesla. I do recommend reading her other series in order. Back to this book. Well from a relationship standpoint it’s believable as Kat (Doc) & Badger have had a professional relationship in that she’s his prosthetist. Backstory is he’s a medically retired SEAL who’s team was diverted over an anti-tank landmine. Out of the 8-man team 1 dies, 7 are left with horrible, life-altering injuries; mostly involving missing limbs. Ok - now to the non-believable parts (I am speaking from experience, background, & my own personal tragedy..) I’m a medical professional, who was a high activity athlete, & I am also a high-above knee amputee. I also have worked with soldiers & can’t say much more on that. Kat is an MD/prosthetist; thus, its illegal for her to be involved with a current patient or a patient that hasn’t been discharged from her service for at least 1 yr & 1 day. Not sayin’ it doesn’t happen (for real), but as women we’ve had to work so blasted hard to achieve 1/2 what men get; so it’s doubtful she’d blow it all up for a guy. Also, VERY few amputees get prosthetics. The reasons vary from cost ($50-130k each!) To issues with the residual limb (Ms. Dale did very well to describe some of the issues for Badger- poor wound healing, infections (huge problem), poor muscle coverage over the bone(s)). One big issue she missed is bone spurs (God they’re horrible) & most blast-injured amputees & amputees from infections suffer from chronic bone spurs. (Think of having a set of deer antlers at the tip of your residual bone & that’s rubbing all over the rigid plastic “cup” of the prosthetic & it’s to hold your weight?! Ouch.) The other issue I had is, an above knee amputee cannot swim (not enough weight on the amputated side) so the swimmer looks like a drowning doodle bug. But, from a romantic/dramatic view I suppose it played well... last critique, a regular prosthetic (like the well known C-leg -computerized knee joint) cannot be used for running! Try explaining to your insurance company how you broke a $70k leg! (That’s if you’re lucky enough to have insurance that covers prosthetics. Most cap out at $2-3k for life!) 🙃 Ms. Dale was on the right track when the boys were discussing the “blade”, that is the hook shaped leg & is made for the extra torque & pressure from running. Overall, good story & some of the “futuristic” prosthetic options are being used in the US on animals & I really look forward to the same for humans. I’m looking forward to the remaining books in this new series, Ms. Dale never disappoints! Enjoy 🤗