Blood Match - K.A. Linde

Blood Match

By K.A. Linde

  • Release Date: 2018-06-26
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 38 Ratings


Reyna Carpenter and Beckham Anderson return in the exhilarating follow-up to the provocative paranormal romance Blood Type.


  • A phenomenal paranormal read!!!

    By sferguson105
    This story sucked me in from the very start. It picked up where Blood Type left off, and had twists and turns throughout. On this journey we get more of Reyna and Beckham, and we discover so much about the world they are living in. That ending?! Gah!!!! I can’t wait for Blood Cure, and to see how K.A. Linde wraps this series up!!! You all need to one click this!!!
  • Omg

    By Mrs.Gragg
    Omg this series has me all sorts of crazy!!! This book has scrambled for words right now! Does she find her Match?? I wanna say but I don’t want to be a spoiler... but I will say it’s amazing book and I absolutely can’t wait to read Blood Cure it’s going to be everything and MORE!!
  • A Real Page-Turner

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    Author Kyla Linde just keeps those surprises coming, and I LOVE IT! She drew us in and pushed us right over the cliff with BLOOD TYPE. Now Reyna and Beckham are back and better than ever in BLOOD MATCH, and Ms. Linde is taking no prisoners as their story continues. The reality of Visage, the truths about who can be trusted and who cannot, the web of intrigue that goes deeper than Reyna could imagine, Kyla does an absolutely great job of conducting this non-stop thrill ride, and making us want more. I was hooked from page one and could not put this book down, which, for me, is the mark of a great read. And, y'all, if you thought that the ending of BLOOD TYPE was a jaw dropper, well, you ain't seen nothing yet. Where the heck is Book 3, Kyla? You'll be asking the same thing, and wishing it was there on your e-reader. Believe me when I say that you want to be all caught up when BLOOD CURE (Book 3) goes live, so stop what you're doing and read these books, right now. You will not be sorry.
  • Never saw that one coming...

    By Wookiee 45
    4 stars for - Blood Match - book two in the Blood Type series by K.A. Linde. You have to read book one - Blood Type - prior to reading this book in order to have a better understanding into this crazy intense PNR world of vampires and humans that Ms. Linde weaved for us. After the way book one ended I thought for sure there wouldn't be too much of a cliffhanger in this one but I could not have been more wrong with my thought process! Hang on to your seats since the road does get a bit bumpy along the way. The last time we saw Reyna she was in a bit of a predicament running away from the man she loves and into the trap she never saw coming. Being held by Harrington and used against her will has turned her into a very bitter person. Weeks later an opportunity arises and she takes her chances on escape but running from one prison and finding herself in another wasn't part of the plan. The many people of Elle aided Reyna in her escape but they are the same ones who refuse to allow her to do as she wishes. While she understands to a point the headstrong Reyna doesn't take too kindly to being told to sit on the sidelines either. Meanwhile the man she loves is more distant than ever choosing to barely even acknowledging her existence let alone the closeness they once shared. Reyna is desperate to bring Visage down now more than ever for everything they've done to her and those she loves. In rather dramatic fashion a masquerade ball on New Year's Eve is where everything will be revealed and it is nothing short of spectacular. In true Linde style you won't see a few of the shockers that are revealed coming!!! I can't wait for book three - Blood Cure - next!
  • Blood match

    By Stephromig
    After finishing blood type we know that Reyna has been taken by Harrington because she has the same blood type as him which is extremely rare. So much happens in this book, Reyna escapes with the help of Elle, she meets a lot of new people, Harrington is still a slime ball and I ended up really liking Beckham after hating him the whole first book. And then.... in true k.a. Linde fashion she rips your heart out at the end with a huge cliffhanger. I’m so looking forward to blood cure!
  • Get ready....

    By tkp8806
    Ksofuevfjisibfhsushdjxi!!!!! That's how I felt when finishing Blood Match. I couldn't even form words because of the twist that this story ended up taking! The wait in between stories is the worst! We're left wondering how it's going to continue. Reyna has been kidnapped by none other than Harrington. I bet you can guess why. The only thing that keeps her going is the idea that she'll be back with Becks one day. If she doesn't die, which she's felt close to a few times thanks to Harrington and his threats. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. K.A. Linde is the Queen of angst and cliffhangers. This proves it yet again. She's resorted back to her usual style of hangovers. The ones that evoke anger in her readers. We can only hope that she has mercy on us and gives us the ending that we want. Really, I want one particular thing to happen. Fingers crossed!
  • Getting good!

    By Christine Miller28
    This was a good read. I am a huge fan of KA Linde, but have a hard time with paranormal romance. I had a hard time getting into this second book and the cliffy at the end had my jaw hanging open. The writing is brilliant and kept me on the edge of my seat. I love an author that can create a story so outside the box. It was a good read, I just had a hard time getting into this world again. I am very interested to see where this story will end in book 3 with everything that has happened at the end of book 2. This is book 2 in a 3 book series. You need to have read book 1 to understand what is going on in this book.
  • 5 make the lambs stop screaming stars

    By Ashel05
    Blood match review 5 make the lambs stop screaming stars This book picks up at the end of Type. It was awesome. I really, really don’t want to leave anything else for fear of spoilers. You realize in this book what being a perfect blood match means for this society. It will make you cry, squirm, laugh, say awwwww... this one has it all. I highly recommend starting with book 1 and diving right in. I feel this could be on the level of a new hunger Games craze. With hot sex that is.
  • Beckham is a swoony match

    By AmyVoxLibris
    K A Linde shows you no mercy in this book. Not one tiny little red blood cell of mercy. She tortures you, just like she tortures Reyna. She tosses you in lock-up, throws away the key, and mocks you from the other side of the door. And you know what? YOU WILL LOVE IT. This book picks up several weeks after Blood Type ends, and you immediately know what happened to Reyna. (Linde keeps you guessing about Beckham because OF COURSE SHE DOES.) She also plunges you into the central conflict of this series: Elle, a group of feisty and fierce insurgents, vs. Visage, the evil vampire empire. What is Visage’s end game? Who are the people behind Elle? And who is on whose side? At the same time, K A Linde stokes the romance between Reyna and her Becks. This, too, is beset by outside influences, namely Penelope, the mayor’s daughter and Beckham’s erstwhile girlfriend. No one is happy or content in this book. There are moments of levity, but K A Linde never lets you forget the dystopian nature of the world her characters inhabit. You can’t have a book with a character like Beckham and not have the sexy times. K A Linde does not disappoint in the least where the hot headboard rocking is concerned. She delivers the quiver in a way that will have you begging for release. About the ending. This is the second book of a trilogy, and second books of trilogies typically are dark. Let’s just say that K A Linde understands that dictum and does not deviate from it. The ending is horrible in a “NOOOOO!” kind of way. You will find yourself wondering how you’re supposed to survive until the third book comes out in August.
  • Ahhhhhh!

    By Snellyville22
    Oh. My. Gosh. This book was insane in all the best ways! It’s the perfect middle book, it never lets up and it makes you want feel to scream and throw things. It’s so well written, I loved it so much! I can’t wait for the next one!