The Frozen Witch Book One - Odette C. Bell

The Frozen Witch Book One

By Odette C. Bell

  • Release Date: 2016-09-07
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 175 Ratings


She’s in trouble – of the mythic kind. When Lilly White finds a strange box, it changes her life. It ignites the ice that has always lain dormant in her heart. Oh, and it brings her to the attention of him.

And who is he? The god of revenge. He drags her into his world. A world of magic, of crime, of retribution.

She’ll never escape him. And soon she’ll realize she doesn’t want to….

The Frozen Witch is an action-packed urban fantasy sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell’s Angel: Private Eye.


  • The Frozen Witch Book One

    By 2for1sucker
    It is an interesting story, but it is more of a large sample than a real book.
  • The frozen witch

    By Pit Bull Person
  • I wouldn't waste your time

    By Ktalbert
    This is an ABSOLUTELY amazing idea. It is also extremely horrid writing. The character is afraid of everything, you get zero explanations, and she literally is "frozen in fear" throughout the whole book. It's slow and fat at the same time, she has the exact same conversation with Vali every time and I do mean every time. I want this book to be re written by someone with a little more imagination.....also I can't stand the main character and her 12 year old backwards self.
  • Review

    By Ffhrscgety
    I was between giving 1 star or two stars throughout the whole book. I don't care about the characters, at all. The descriptions are great though. I can picture everything, but the characters are flat and too convent. I actually wanted Vali to find another human to take over. One that won't throw out riddles all of the time or stick to his character. There are too many annoying questions from a fast paced book. Characters were forced into roles and the reasons for the plot were weak. Everybody would have to work off their sins, according to this world. And everyone has powers? I'm surprised there is even another book when this one should of been looked at again and longer.