Jews in the Ottoman Empire During WWI. How the Germans Saved the Jews - Justin Leopold-Cohen

Jews in the Ottoman Empire During WWI. How the Germans Saved the Jews

By Justin Leopold-Cohen

  • Release Date: 2015-10-12
  • Genre: History


Scientific Essay from the year 2013 in the subject History Europe - Other Countries - Ages of World Wars, grade: A, Clark University, language: English, abstract: The four months of this course have focused on the various aspects and influencing factors of the Armenian Genocide. The course has explored the Armenian Nationalist Movement, Ottoman massacres, Armenian resistance, foreign indifference, missionary work, the First World War, the height of the Genocide, and its subsequent legacy and denial. Sporadically throughout the course work there have been brief mentions of the various other ethno-religious groups within the Ottoman Empire, most of which were minority groups. This includes but is not limited to the Kurdish Muslims, members of the Greek Orthodox faith, Balkan nationalists, and Jewish Zionists, all of whom experienced their own unique treatments and persecutions under Ottoman rule during the years that encompassed the Armenian Genocide. Although all of these groups evidenced similar separatist/nationalist leanings, it was only the Armenian Christians who suffered to the point of genocide at the hands of the Turks. I intend to examine the treatment of the Jewish population residing in Ottoman territory, how the Ottomans responded to the Zionist movement, and why the Jews were spared the fate that befell their Armenian neighbors.