Major Space Dust-Up In Sector 687 Alpha - Wyff Byffledoop

Major Space Dust-Up In Sector 687 Alpha

By Wyff Byffledoop

  • Release Date: 2016-03-30
  • Genre: Humor


A Sci-Fi Serial (Seriously): Volume 1, Installment 1

Herein lies a paltry attempt at humor, centering around a minor disturbance in the outer rim of a forgotten galaxy, which requires the attention of a certain intergalactic swashbuckler named Krax Kraxstofferson.

The reader may find this opus to be highly derivative, and entirely unfunny, though it is intended to be neither. In that case, I say good. You probably didn't pay anything to read this novel and therefore are guilty of keeping my children on public assistance. 

Should you desire to read past this synopsis, you will find herein an attempted satire of various sci-fi tropes and mechanisms, as well as an unfettered outlet for someone with a genuinely grating sense of humor and generally poor taste in both simile and metaphor. Like or as if that is indeed possible, it will be duly noted by the reader that the author cannot actually define either literary term.

Douglas Adams was likely a genius. I, most likely, am not. Nonetheless, I implore you, good space sailor, to read on. Iste mundus furibundus!