Bittersweet - Sarina Bowen


By Sarina Bowen

  • Release Date: 2016-06-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 425 Ratings


Fantastic. -USA Today
Best Romance of June. -Goodreads Romance Newsletter

Farmers make the earth move.

The last person Griffin Shipley expects to find stuck in a ditch on his Vermont country road is his ex-hookup. Five years ago they’d shared a couple of steamy nights together. But that was a lifetime ago. 

At twenty-seven, Griff is now the accidental patriarch of his family farm. Even his enormous shoulders feel the strain of supporting his mother, three siblings and a dotty grandfather. He doesn’t have time for the sorority girl who’s shown up expecting to buy his hard cider at half price.

Vermont was never in Audrey Kidder’s travel plans. Neither was Griff Shipley. But she needs a second chance with the restaurant conglomerate employing her. Okay—a fifth chance. And no self-righteous cider-making lumbersexual farmer will stand in her way.

They’re adversaries. They want entirely different things from life. Too bad their sexual chemistry is as hot as Audrey’s top secret enchilada sauce, and then some.
"Smart, funny and super sexy, Bittersweet is full of the kind of writing that makes Sarina Bowen one of my favorite author crushes." Author Sarah Mayberry.


  • Nice!

    By Breezy Blew
    I thought this was a good book. There was a good storyline that really showed the effort put into writing it and the talent of the author. I loved Griff- definitely a swoon-worthy male lead. Audrey was... ehh. I thought the author did a good job writing her, she just wasn’t one of my favorite characters I’ve ever read. She was easily the most fictional aspect of this book whereas the rest was pretty relatable. Most of the other reviews rave about the Shipley family and I don’t get such high praise. Don’t get me wrong- they were cute and I liked them enough, but for so many people to write about how much they loved them? I don’t get it. The family was cute, obviously loved one another, and each like-able characters on their own, but that’s about it. Overall, this book was entertaining and had a good mix of insight, humor, steaminess, and sweetness. I would recommend it!
  • Couldn’t put it down

    By Books books gimme more books
    I read this book cover to cover and if you like love stories with the right amount of humor along with the right dashes of reality (that some romances just skip over) then this is the book for you. It was truly a pleasure to read.
  • Bittersweet

    By J-follower
    Loved this story and hard cider farmer is hot to boot. I’d move to Vermont if I knew there were men like this there! Lol
  • Love it

    By Cbdavis1610
    Great story. Hard to put down.
  • Bittersweet

    By Taco. (:
    Such a good book! The characters were endearing and the I found myself continuously rooting for them. The ending was a little abrupt and didn’t give enough closure though.
  • Bittersweet

    By BellaBean
    3 stars
  • Such a great, sweet read!

    By Cassarolle
    I read this in two nights and loved every minute of these two. I read Keepsake first, and they both are so different and so wonderful! I love her writing, and the simple, sweet plots. The chemistry between these two.. hot hot hot! Also… quite makes me want to work on an apple farm in New England, thats for sure! Love it!
  • Excellent series

    By bookreader02
    This book, and the series so far, have all been excellent reads. The author's writing style flows very well, the story line catches and keeps the readers attention. It's nice to read a book without all the typos and grammatical errors.
  • 5 #GrumpyGriff Stars

    By Cyndi Becker
    Bittersweet hit the sweet spot. It made me feel all sorts of wonderful things and I wholeheartedly recommend it. First off, it is so wonderfully written, with two lead characters and a gaggle of family and friends that form a unique community. Sarina’s characters are exceptional and she knows exactly how to write them so that their personalities are shaped perfectly in time with the plot. Their voices and often colorful inner dialogue makes for a fun read. Secondly, the premise is unique and educational as well. I had no idea cider making was such an art. Okay maybe I did! But with Griffin in the mix (egging Audrey on) it’s downright sexy. Really, read it and you’ll see exactly what I mean. So, now for the specifics… At the center are Audrey and Griffin; two people who had been on each other's radar (and then some) back in college. Flash forward a few years and fate has put them back in each others paths. Audrey is complicated by a few distinct personality traits. She is one feisty, smart and sassy young lady, but it’s the confidence she has, despite the negativity her mother has thrown at her, that makes her really endearing. She isn’t in the best place when she happens back into Griffins life but she has the ability to recognize certain truths in people and the underlying strength that allows her to call things as she see’s them. It’s heartbreaking when her self doubt comes through but she plays it off as she expects to get things wrong. Griffin's life is simple yet oh so complicated. It’s simplified by his distinct lack of a social life. Even out of the traditional cultivate and harvest cycles of farming, he just doesn’t have many interests outside of his family. But he’s been saddled with loads of responsibility and been a long time since he’s done something really good for himself. Hell he’s never really been in love ~ he’s existed by merely scratching the itch (wink wink). But Griffin is a balanced individual and has a soft heart to even out the big #GrumpyGriff side. He is the epitome of a swoon worthy lead and his connection with Audrey is primal and highly charged. Audrey inspires the #GRRRRRR in Griffin which made me positively giddy! The story line flows at a good pace, initially over a few weeks, then over a few months. This gives Audrey and Griffin time to realize the strength of their attraction and see their similarities and deal with any differences. Griffin’s alpha qualities are perfect for the sweet and sassy Audrey. Her transformation over the course of the story was subtle yet in the end it felt huge! Having read the preview at the end of Bittersweet I am very excited for Jude’s story. It seems I now have an entirely new fictional community to obsess over :-) Steadfast (True North #2) is now on my much anticipated summer reading list.
  • Great Series!

    By OuReader
    Loved this series and it's characters!!