The Paris Apartment: Fated Journey - Juliet Gauvin

The Paris Apartment: Fated Journey

By Juliet Gauvin

  • Release Date: 2015-12-17
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 5
From 308 Ratings


The third and final book in Elizabeth Lara's story. Sometimes the destination IS sweeter than the journey.

Having found what she was looking for in London, Elizabeth journeys to Paris to finish what Mags started. 

She's got her love, now will she be able to find the missing pieces to her life? 

"Get ready for a stunning conclusion to this enjoyable series. Deliciously sweet, wonderfully well-rounded--it will leave the reader in a very happy place." 

“It was like a drug that I couldn't get enough of. The Irish Cottage started it all and now that I have finished all three, I'm starting all over.”

"Worth the wait. I'm beyond satisfied. What an amazing series and GREAT finale!" 

The Elizabeth Lara Trilogy (Complete Series):

The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth 

The London Flat: Second Chances 

The Paris Apartment: Fated Journey


  • Paris Apartment

    By dgsbryant
    Loved it!!!
  • The Paris apartment

    By Retiree53
    I couldn’t put it down. Each chapter made me want more and more.
  • Funny and heart wrenching

    By Soccerplayer2
    The comical banter is great and the emotion between Beth and her Matthieu brings me to tears
  • Irish Cottage, London Flat, Paris Apartment Series

    By fastrunmom1638
    So much fun to read! I have travelled to these places and loved the descriptions of all of them...made me feel like I was there, too! The characters were amazing and worth following with there personalities and (mostly) wonderful connections to each other. I can’t wait to read more adventures from Juliet!! Thank you for taking me on a magical adventure with sweet wonderful characters that I now feel I now so well!!
  • The Paris Apartment

    By Cakebkr
    I couldn’t put it down, just like the two books preceding this one. I read the three books in 1 week. If I could give you 10 stars I would! Keep writing!
  • The entire trilogy

    By mybabychaz
    I don’t know if I should thank you or be upset with you. You caught everything that I love and just enough mystery to tie you to reading the next book. Great read and I guess I’m off to Scotland. 🤗 To the ones that are trying to decide rather to buy the Trilogy. Go for it, you won’t regret either book, man oh man, just hold on to your seat.
  • I felt like I lived your stories.

    By Sandykay503
    Several years ago I was blessed with a trip to Ireland with my husband of 50 years. I felt like I was reliving the wonderful places and people of Ireland as I was reading your trilogy. Thank you so much for the memories to come alive again.
  • It is over....I am crying!!

    By Hope in Gulfport
    Loved the trilogy. Don’t want it to end. Start another. Put Wes and Audrey together.
  • Trilogy

    By PeginPA
    LOVED. LOVED. LOVED the trilogy. After being mesmerized by the Irish Cottage I was certain I would be disappointed by the other two. The first was completely magical in my imagination and couldn’t be topped. But...the author did not disappoint. She cleverly embedded threads in the subsequent stories although each were individually unique and captivating on their own. Bottom line...I just spent 3 days absolutely obsessed with the stories. Thank you for the journeys.
  • This Series Took Me on My Own Personal Journey

    By Abbyroad18
    What I at first thought was going to be another annoyingly simple tale rife with juvenile stupidity and gratuitous sex scenes to make up for the lack of a real plot or intelligent writing, actually turned out to be an interesting enough story, but most importantly, a catalyst that led me on a review of my life, the choices I have made, and how they have impacted my life. (Yeah, I know. That's one heck of a long sentence.) The description of Beth's internal turmoil, her analysis of how she had "lost a decade", her courage to follow Mags' advice, and her courage to stay true to her real self, resonated with me. If anyone needs a guide for serious self-evaluation and a means to help put their life into perspective and consider alternatives and possibilities, I recommend this trilogy.