The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth - Juliet Gauvin

The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth

By Juliet Gauvin

  • Release Date: 2015-10-17
  • Genre: Literary
Score: 4.5
From 566 Ratings


A story about losing your way and finding your life. Book 1 of 3.

Elizabeth Lara built a perfect life as San Francisco’s top divorce attorney, but when she loses her great-aunt Mags, the woman who raised her, she boards a plane and leaves it all behind.

The Irish shores welcome her as she learns a shocking truth, kept secret for thirty-five years. Devastated and now alone in the world, Beth tries to find peace in a beautiful cottage by Lough Rhiannon, but peace isn’t what fate had in mind. Almost as soon as she arrives, Beth’s solitary retreat into the magic wilds of Ireland is interrupted by Connor Bannon. A man with light brown hair, ice blue eyes and a secret of his own. He’s gorgeous, grieving, and completely unexpected.

With the help of Mags’ letters, the colorful townspeople of Dingle, and Connor, Elizabeth might just find a way back to the girl she lost long ago and become the woman she always wanted to be.

A Note From Jules:

Be forewarned you might not want to start this book late at night—several readers have reported “gobbling it up” and going on to the next book immediately. This book is literary women’s fiction, it is not a traditional romance, per se.

It’s a trilogy, not a standalone. All three books are vital to the story: The Irish Cottage, The London Flat, and The Paris Apartment. That being said, I’ve found that traditional romance readers are VERY happy at the end of London. So take a ride with me, first to Ireland and then the world.

“If you enjoy Nora Roberts, you’ll like Juliet Gauvin. The Irish Cottage is a fresh take on women’s literary fiction, sometimes light and scrumptious and other times quite profound in its observations on life, love and loss.”

“A book that conveys the true feelings of Ireland when you visit…it’s a bit of a romance, history, travel, and mystery neatly tied into a book well worth reading.”

“It will give you the feels—only the good ones!”

The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth is an international women’s literary fiction romance novel with three books in the novel series. Other themes include: romance literary fiction, women’s sagas, love stories, and second chances at life.

“It was like a drug that I couldn’t get enough of. The Irish Cottage started it all and now that I have finished all three, I’m starting all over.” -Amazon Reviewer

"I started this book and couldn't put it down. It brought me to Ireland and I never wanted to leave." -Amazon Reviewer

"There is so much to love in this, the first in the [The Irish Heart] Series...I wanted to look out my cottage window and see a Lough of my own and the pub was just asking me to come visit...This story pulled me in from the very first page and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance, stories of starting over, or romances set in other countries." -Goodreads

"Picked this up because it was set in Ireland, and it took me right back there. Wonderful writer, if you love Ireland and a good read I would recommend this book. I will most definitely be reading the rest of the series." -Amazon Reviewer

“I laughed, I cried, I hoped & dreamed. The series was beautifully told through poignant letters. A keeper of the heart.” -Amazon Reviewer

"Excellent book, one that was very hard to put down. Well-written, exciting, great author! I highly recommend this book to all...Get it then get comfortable because you will be in for a good long read, enjoy!" -Goodreads

"Great book! Elizabeth embodies strength and determination as well as compassion and forgiveness. The Irish Cottage combines the fairytale of Ireland with the real life struggles we all face." -Amazon Reviewer

"I bought the book yesterday and couldn't put it down. Very romantic, very sexy, with a heroine who can save her own bacon...and the wounded, hunky hero--be still my heart." -Goodreads

Q: How did you come up with The Irish Cottage?
Jules: Well the story came together in pieces. I love Ireland, I've always been attracted to the country, the people, the music, the dancing. I've spent time traveling the country so I knew I wanted to set the book there. And then the character of Elizabeth was based on a lot of the experiences I had when I was in law in San Francisco. When I was immersed in that world--it was a very dark time, and I really did lose my way--like Elizabeth. I even let long-time relationships die because I was in such a dark place, it was difficult to see anything past my own nose. So yeah, I knew I wanted my heroine to be a "recovering attorney" and I knew that I wanted her to have this great love affair in Ireland that would open her up to the truly great possibilities life has to offer.

Q: And what about Connor Bannon? Is he based on anyone?
Jules: Ummm...he might be an amalgamation of several people, but I think I'll refrain from commenting further--have to keep some of it to myself, don't I?

Q: Why did you elect to write literary women's fiction as opposed to traditional contemporary romance?
Jules: I knew I wanted to write in the literary women's fiction space because writing a story where the heroine's evolution is paramount--not just her relationship with Connor--is what really gets me, drives me--I love those types of stories. I like writing herstory--women's lives and journeys are so complex--I wanted to write a series that included a great love story, but didn't sacrifice the heroine's journey in any way. It's about Elizabeth finding her way--we all need to find our way. Sometimes people help with that, but ultimately each of us has to find our own path...and we all need love too.

Q: Why London and then Paris?
Jules: I lived in London for a time--I love it so much. It's one of the best cities on the planet, really. When I closed my eyes and thought about where Elizabeth's journey would take her I knew London would be next. And Paris--I lived in Lyon for a time as well and I've spent a lot of time in Paris so it seemed only natural for the final book to be set there. I also set certain things in motion in The Irish Cottage that make it impossible to end anywhere else--I knew I wanted to end it in France. Plus, Elizabeth has a major sweet tooth, like me, and Paris has the most amazing dessert masters in the world. I spent many hours pouring over the websites of my favorites and discovering some new ones. Those were the hardest and best research nights--I'm nocturnal, I write at night--and pouring over the websites of my favorite masters was heaven and hell. I wanted to get on a plane already. My sugar intake definitely went up while I was writing The Paris Apartment--and my waistline with it.


  • Vicarious Read

    By Sav 91
    I loved the storyline, twists, and romance. It made me step back and think about what makes me happy and who I am today. I can’t wait to keep reading the series to see what else Beth discovers about her life and about herself. I vicariously lived through Beth’s travels. Ireland is on my bucket list.
  • The Irish cottage.

    By Retiree53
    I loved how the author helped Connor and Beth help each other rise above their darkness. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series to see what will become of their relationship
  • The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth

    By Central Tigers 1966
    Loved it! With one exception, that of the dinner party part with Connor’s friends was a bit over the top on using his wealth and hang up of his father.
  • Love these books

    By Cakebkr
    I read all three of this series in less than a week! I was so disappointed to come to the end of the last one! You are a literary genius. Please keep on writing..Carol
  • The Irish Cottage

    By Cindy Leader
    A marvelous romantic story. I downloaded this as a free book and happily bought the next two in the series! The characters have lots of depth. I am mesmerized by Jules’s ability to tell a story. Nora Roberts was my favorite author for series reading in the past, but Juliet Gauvin is my new favorite.
  • The Irish Cottage

    By jmw1952
    It was a page turning book! Enjoyed it very much:)
  • The Irish Cottage

    By For Kylie
    I am a broken person right now, and haven’t been able to read anything enjoyable for some time. I recently lost my 28 year old daughter, following a 2 year battle with breast cancer. I’ve been given a bunch of self-help books about dealing with grief, but I haven't been able to bring myself to open one. I know I’ll just bawl, uncontrollably. I don’t really have a safe place or time to do that. So, the way I happened upon this book, was as a free download while I was visiting my son and his young family in another state. I took a book on the airplane, never opened it, and accidentally left it in the seat-back pocket. I lived in England for 3 years, where my daughter was born in the late 80s, so I enjoy stories set in the country in the UK. THIS one did not disappoint. I fell in love with the characters, and I cried with them in the dark if my return flight home. I felt like they helped me, in some small way, get in touch with my inner pain and that it is OK. I can’t tell you how healing (HOPEFULLY, eventually) this story has been for me. A nitpicker for details, I only detected maybe two writing errors (Erin form of a word, could be just typos), which is so refreshing!! I can’t wait to read book 2!!
  • The Irish Cottage

    By Ld14007
    A lovely read. I enjoyed touching life from the viewpoint of a grown woman but with flashes back to a younger time and glimpses ahead to the end of the road. What do our 'memories' really tell us? And what action (or inaction) might we someday regret? Thank you!
  • Such a good read

    By DJ20112
    I’ve been reading this book on my way to and from work and I love it. It’s a good light read that keeps you wanting to come back. Highly recommend this! Especially if you enjoy romantic novels based in Ireland!
  • A Love Story

    By lacquilts
    What I loved about this story was that while the main characters felt an almost immediate attraction, it didn’t take the entire book for them to act upon it. We were there for the entire ride. The author made it very easy to picture the settings. Also, she gave some nice places to visit if you ever get to Ireland. I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next book!